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Sumner County Property Transfers April 20-26, 2017

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David Bayles to Stephen Anderson and Veronica Scheurer, 1003 Rock Springs Road, Bethpage, $143,500.


Craig, Blake Freeman and Dawn Gillberg to John and Scarlett Nokes, Lot 3, West Hester Road, Cottontown, $95,000.


Creekside Homes LLC to Thomas and Robinette Eckers, 111 Bingham Street, Gallatin $557,630.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Sharon Wilson, 1006 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $428,047.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Irma Heimberger Trust, 395 Devon Chase Hill, #6302, Gallatin, $195,925.

Jai and Ritu Mitra to Clemens Family Revocable Living Trust, 1615 Jacobs Drive, Gallatin, $235,000.

Pamela Ogden to Penny Ogden, 504 Anna Drive, Gallatin, $200,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc to Susan Hunter, 1046 Laffite Way, Gallatin, $444,933

Second Generation Construction INC to Zachary Evans, 1056 Lindyn Lee Way, Gallatin, $205,950.

Christopher and Sarah Smith to John and Myra Jones, 652 Dobbins Pike, Gallatin, $250,000.

James and Kathy Crawford to Charles and Laura Stiles, 943 Westbrook Drive, Gallatin, $342,500.

Joyce Dixon Estate to john and Lisa Green, 2094 Cairo Road, Gallatin, $55,000.

David and Lori Jungquist to Danny Hills, 1246 Amherst Ct, Gallatin, $275,000.

Charles Brown and Pat George to William and Carol Severns, 755 Lilycrest Dr, Gallatin, $90,000.

Michael and Cassandra Colwell to CSH Property One LLC, 767 Nelms Drive, Gallatin, $277,000.

Clarion Homes LLC to Randall and Tina Meeks, 403 Page Dr, Goodlettsville, $309,000.

Alex and Jessica Oldham to Clayton and Paige Ream, 624 Martha Avenue, Gallatin, $151,000.

Michael and Luann Welham to Daniel and Miranda Hoolihan, 1273 Wentworth Drive, Gallatin, $272,000.

Michael and Dorothy Foster to William and Vivian Allen, 143 Barbara Avenue, Gallatin, $153,500.

NVR INC to Anthony and Sheila Oldham, 629 Goodman Drive, Gallatin, $365,038.

Zion Faith Missionary Baptist Church to Fide Development Group LLC, Red River, Gallatin, $62,500.

Southeastern Building Corp to Kealy Akin, 155 Houghland a/k/a/ 128 Vaughan, Gallatin, $346,900.

Steven and Carol Condon to Larry and Sherry Ward, 395 Devon Chase Hill, Unit 1401, Gallatin, $179,900.

Charles and Eben Appleton to Jeffrey and Stephanie Riggs, 1064 Sunset Drive, Gallatin, $260,000.

Commodore Rentals LLC to Lerita Traylor 1142 Browns Lane, Gallatin, $125,000.

Stephen and Cantoria to AH4R-TN 3 LLC, 982 Acadia Court, Gallatin, $228,000.

Misleni Del Carmen Turcios to Michael and Gina Walters, 1021 Lock 4 Road, Gallatin, $269,900.

Brent and Teresa Frisbie to MAI Investments LLC, 1137 Chloe Drive, Gallatin, $500,000.

Eddie and Glenda Newport to Bryan and Hollie Deese, 262 Bayhill Drive, Gallatin, $315,000.

PB Start LLC to Timothy and Virginia Ferguson, 1036 Albatross Way, Gallatin, $148,000.

Milan and Misty Kacar to Hector and Kathryn Correa, 123 Canterbury Close, Gallatin, $240,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to James and Kathy Crawford, 236 Ettington Drive, Gallatin, $353,427.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Randall Conn, 395 Devon Charles Hill, #6301, Gallatin, $197,625.

Lance and Janel Carter to Tracy Summers, 239 North Willomont Avenue, Gallatin, $190,000.

James Burgett to Kenny Mauk, 1155-1157 Edgewood Dr. Gallatin, $165,000.

Mary Roy to CSH Property One LLC, 146 Abbey Road, Gallatin, $201,000.

Clayton Properties Group INC to Thomas Mercker, 159 Day Star Court, Gallatin, $287,877.

Randall and Lisa Craig to Mark and Donna Trammel, 113 West Main Street, Gallatin, $534,913.

Davis and Anna Dorris to Eddie and Glenda Newport, 280 Chipaway Dr, Gallatin, $57,000.

HCR Partners to Wheeler Construction CO, 205 & 203 Higginson Place South, Gallatin, $185,000.

Eric Mauldin to Allen and Tricia Ramsey, 709 Trail Drive, Gallatin, $130,000.

Lennar Homes of Tennessee LLC to Karol Stopinski, 412 Black Thorn Lane, Gallatin, $284,990.

Daniel Reeder and David Cavallin to Carlos Johnson, 233 Morrison Street, Gallatin, $150,000.


William and Nicole Bland to H C and Martha Bowden, 345 Happy Hollow Rd, Goodlettsville, $160,000.

Jason and Dianne Hawkins to Sheree McBurney, 114 Paige Park Lane, Goodlettsville, $260,000

Damone Tidwell to Jason and Amanda MacDougall, 1004 Heather Dr. Goodlettsville, $170,000.

Reaching International to Aniruddha Singh and Shilpl Mittal, 1270 Twelve Stones Crossing, Goodlettsville, $80,000.

Thomas and Nancy Mikulski to Terry Seals, 100 Placid Grove Lane, Unit 503, Goodlettsville, $273,500.

Southeastern Building Corp to Harlan Construction Co INC, 1013 Caleb's Walk, Goodlettsville, $90,000.

William and Shirley Sanders to Irma Flores, 401 Ellen Drive, Goodlettsville, $194,500


New Look LLC to Mark and Linda Macrea, 517 Jones Lane, Hendersonville, $369,900.

Halos Builders LLC to Daniel and Schmidt, 270 Hidden Lake Rd, Hendersonville, $621,250.

Ben Walker to Michael Carswell, 222 South Valley Road, Hendersonville, $170,000.

Citifinancial Service LLC to Francisco Rivera, 167 Township Drive, Hendersonville, $160,000.

Kathy Durante to JRR Holdings LLC, 130 Southern Trace, Hendersonville, $120,000.

George Swint to Tara Swint, 102 Lesa Drive, Hendersonville, $135,000.

Ralph and Karen Summers to Timothy and Megan Cook, 221 Lake Terrace Drive, Hendersonville, $260,000.

Christopher Jones to Blake and Emma Neely, 139 Strathmore Way, Hendersonville, $331,000.

Russell and Sara Baker to Sidney and Donna Langston, 126 Hillside Drive, Hendersonville, $137,500.

Ronald and Donna Flowers to Andrew and Becky Bigelow, 210 Edgewood Drive, Hendersonville, $111,500.

Fleming Homes LLC to Kevin Southland to Dannielle Hall, 1253 Sandy Valley Road, Hendersonville, $453,500.

Robert Lamb to Brett and Crystal Skelton, 104 Martin Drive, Hendersonville, $292,000.

Beverly Ann Ball Revocable Trust to Marjorie Barraclough Revocable Trust, 5 Wyndermere Dr, Hendersonville, $283,500.

Russell and Amber Anderson to Dana Tiblier, 107 Edgewood Drive, Hendersonville, $257,900.

Roger Batey Construction Co to Daniyel Frank, 214 Scarsdale Drive North, Hendersonville, $454,900.

Gregory and Susan Lanigan to Walnut Family Trust, 123 Walnut Drive, Hendersonville, $1,325,000.

Martin and Pamela Wolinski to Jonathan Jones and Kristin Selker, 150 Coarsey Blvd, Hendersonville, $289,900.

Jeremy and April Harrell to Matthew and Jocelyn Galecki, 158 Walton Trace South, Hendersonville, $205,000.

Roy and Patricia Smith to David and Meredith Grooms, 1011 Somerset Downs Blvd, Hendersonville, $435,000.

Wiese Revocable Living Trust to David Hood and Cheryl Anderson, 140 Northlake Drive, Hendersonville, $140,000.

Jared and Terri Rickard to Trevor and Emily Rigsby, 161 Berrywood Drive, Hendersonville, $253,000.

Floyd and Delores to Benamin and Madonna Archer, 100 Bellepointe, Hendersonville, $365,000.

Gaines Homes Building Corp to Matthew and Marcy Braid, 213 N Scarsdale Drive, Hendersonville, $444,950.

Larry and Kathy Nale to Christopher and Stephanie Boiano, 124 Walton Trace South, Hendersonville, $229,900.

Britt and Amanda Hunter to Jerrel Haberer, 102 Castleview Drive, Hendersonville. $249,000.

Charles and Melissa Gregory to Steven and Carol Condon, 395 Devon Chase Hill, Unit 3704, Hendersonville, $218,250.

William and Sandra Sprouse to Aaron and Nia Stout, 204 Applewood Valley Dr. Hendersonville, $439,900.


Suttle Construction Co INC to Hyrum and Amanda Evans, 121 Elise Lane, Portland, $228,000.

Daniel and Miranda Hoolihan to Michael Williams, 128 TGT Road, Portland, $154,500.

Robert Searcy to Caleb Robert, 215 Delrose Drive, Portland, $90,000.


Areundieux Properties LLC to James Posey and Christina Avevedo, 210 Wagoner's Way, Westmoreland, $185,000.

Janet Lassiter to Patrick Rios, 130 Clyde Wix Road, Westmoreland, $162,900.


Garrett and Sarah Kidd to Janet Kantor, 105 Clarice Court, White House, $239,900.

Judson Harp to Christopher, Teresa Bray and Daniel, Jamie Tinnon, 207 Tyrie Springs Road, White House, $94,000.

Dan Connelly Construction LLC to Lewis and Beth Corbitt, 300 Thoroughbred Way, White House, $230,900.

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