The Metro Animal Care and Control Shelter is full so the staff came up with an idea to raise awareness for adoptions that has a familiar theme with something else going on!

On one of the hottest days of the year, Our Big Joe went downtown to talk to our friends and neighbors and visitors on how they're handling the heat. Let's just say, it made for some fun and awkward moments

This year the Tennessee tax-free offerings have tripled — not only including the usual back-to-school weekend exemption on clothing, school supplies and computers, but expanding to offer a full week of taxless shopping on food and a whole year of tax-free shopping for gun safes and other gun safety features.

I saw a wedge of hoop cheese in a grocery store the other day. It was a beautiful thing to behold. The thought of cheese and crackers took me back in time to the old country stores of my youth.

Through the years, I have been very fortunate to have some wonderful interns come through that wanted to make working in television their career. You can tell quickly who is soaking up all the knowledge and those who are going through the motions.

Enjoy #nationalhotdogday Many thanks to Big Daddy at Daddy's Dogs for the time. What y'all put on hot dogs these days is quite interesting. Enjoy! Main Street Nashville

Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN has chosen Kim Christmon as the next dean of the Health Sciences Division. She was most recently associate professor and director of the Respiratory Care Technology program. She has taught at Vol State for 17 years.

The Knights of Columbus will host their 32nd annual BRASS bike ride across Sumner County. Three rides, the 25K, 50K and 100K, will be offered and are intended for all levels of riders ranging from beginner to avid cyclist. The event will take place on Aug. 7.

Recently, I was going through some old tools which belonged to my maternal grandfather, W. H. Brim. There was a single tree, a bush cutter, the head of a pick-axe, and the metal neck and blade of a hoe, long retired; along with other odds and ends. The worn and rusted blade of the hoe was of particular interest to me. It was fashioned of heavy steel – the kind you don’t see anymore.

Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown and the Gallatin Beautiful Committee recently presented Inside Out Markets the City Beautification Award. The award is given to local businesses that enhance the economic vitality of the city by improving the aesthetic appeal of their properties.