Allen Sircy spent nearly two years researching Gallatin history and reported hauntings at more than 60 locations across the city for his recently released book “Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin.”

A recently released book explores the history of hauntings in Gallatin.

“Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin” includes first-hand accounts of hauntings that are said to have occurred at more than 60 properties, mostly centered around the downtown square. 

“Originally, the book was just going to be about West Main Street and North Water Avenue, but it just kind of kept expanding,” author Allen Sircy said. “Every building I would go into someone had a story.

“I’d put New Orleans as the most haunted place in the country and I think Gallatin is right up there with it.”

Sircy, who grew up in Antioch and has ties to Hendersonville and Gallatin, started working on the book in late 2017 while doing research for another project – a self-guided ghost tour phone and tablet app called Nashville Ghost Map.  

He spent nearly two years gathering information about each of the proprieties listed in the book from dozens of people including local historians, attorneys, building owners and employees. 

In addition to first-hand accounts of hauntings that have occurred at each site, which range from office buildings to businesses and historic homes, Sircy also includes a history of the property. 

“I wanted to go places that I could check out, see for myself and talk to somebody who was there,” Sircy added. “Credibility is very important. A lot of the stories were corroborated by one or more people.”

Encounters with the unknown were not limited to just those Sircy spoke to, however. 

While conducting an interview at Historic Rose Mont, the voice of a woman saying, “Oh, good,” can be heard on an audio recording of the conversation after Sircy mentions his newborn son. No one else was around at the time, he said.

“At the Enlow Center (on North Water Avenue) we kept hearing a rock being thrown against a wall and when we ran over to chase it the noise started coming from where we just were,” Sircy added. “We went downtowns and opened and closed the door to try to debunk it, but we couldn’t.”

Since the release of the book, Sircy has continued to receive information about additional properties that are said to be haunted including as many as a dozen private homes in the area.

He has plans to write additional books about other haunted locations in Tennessee and throughout the south.

“The hauntings are cool, but the history is what I really enjoy,” Sircy said. “There is so much history here and without that there are no hauntings.”

“Southern Ghost Stories: Ghosts of Gallatin” can be purchased at Timeless Treasures, A Daisey a Day Vintage and Antique Marketplace, Pickled Treats & Antiques and online at Amazon.com. The suggested retail price is $16.95.

A portion of the proceeds from each book sale will be donated to Ashley’s Place, a nonprofit organization in Gallatin that provides services to children and families when there are allegations of sexual abuse, several physical abuse and/or witness to violence.

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