Rose Granato recently joined the staff of Gallatin First United Methodist Church as the new director of Next Generation Youth Ministry.  She and Trent Rogan, director of Next Generation Children’s Ministry, will work together to “help build young lives set on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ so they may then bloom, grow and bear good fruit.”

Granato comes to Gallatin from Southwestern Penn. with her husband, Lou and their four children.  She has more than a decade of ministry service with a specialization in youth spiritual formation.  She has served as a part-time local pastor in the UMC since 2016.  Although not presently a pastor, she remains a UMC-certified Local Pastor.

Granato said she “felt the Lord calling her to labor full-time as a shepherd of youth and their families so moving to Gallatin has been an adventure in obedience.”  She and her husband worked as volunteer youth leaders for more than 10 years before she entered pastoral ministry. 

Creative in her teaching style with meaningful and motivational messages, Granato said she “challenges others to go deeper.”  Her goal at GFUMC is “to offer leadership opportunities that engage youth in serving others and transform lives, as she walks alongside her brothers and sisters in Christ giving glory to God.”

Rogan, formerly assistant NextGen director, is a Gallatin native and Gallatin High School graduate.  He served in many service and leadership capacities while in high school—from academic organizations, to music, to church, to sports.  That experience and his passion and commitment to children and youth have led him to serve beyond the church walls as a GHS Student Council advisor, Sumner County Foster Care Review Board member and Gallatin CARES Board member. 

Sports ministry, kids’ camps, vacation bible school, children/youth programming, children’s music ministry and kids’ church are a few of the programs he has led.  He says his life calling is to enthusiastically serve and engage others, especially children and youth. 

Rogan’s vision for Next Generation Ministry is that children/youth “fall in love with Jesus Christ and that impacts the atmosphere of their lives, friends, homes, schools and community.”  He adds, “I have accepted the call to equip and lay a Christ-centered foundation for children and youth by coming alongside them on the journey.”

Senior Pastor James Johnson applauds the energy and creativity Granato and Rogan bring to the church’s Next Generation ministry.  “Ministries involving young people are a vital part of the United Methodist Church,” Johnson states.  “It is so important that we enable faith development and nurture our future leaders.”

This summer the Next Generation Ministry has sponsored a series of “Unplugged” family activities to foster the importance of fellowship and community.  For additional information about Unplugged and other NextGen activities, call the church at 615-452-1922.


Submitted July 15, 2019 on behalf of the Gallatin First United Methodist Church

Contact:  Judy Jones, 615-714-5438

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