Happy birthday

On Nov. 15, Ruth Smyre will celebrate her 100th birthday.

She was born in Hickory, NC to Thomas and Pearl Barkley and was one of 10 children. She married Uray Smyre in 1943 and they had one son, Larry, in 1944. She has outlived all of her siblings as well as her spouse and son. She has three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.  

She moved to Hendersonville in 1992 to be near her brother Dewell and his wife Robbie. She has resided at Morningside of Gallatin since 2017.

She was well-known among her extended family as being a wonderful homemaker, wife, mother and grandmother. Her grandchildren share memories of being spoiled with love, good cooking, and fun times at her home. She is a life-long Baptist. In fact, her family founded the church in which she grew up. Her mother was also the organist there. Smyre most recently attended First Baptist Church in Hendersonville.

Her happiest memories include the times spent babysitting her grandchildren.  She also recalls the joy she felt when her brother Ned returned from Germany at the conclusion of World War II after surviving five major battles.

She said, “I never dreamed that I would live this long. I don’t have any secrets to living a long and happy life. I just tried to do what my mother wanted me to do – be nice, go to church and do my best.”  

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