The Ice Cream Social is expected to open next month in downtown Gallatin.

A new ice cream shop is coming to downtown Gallatin with a twist.

The owners of Filly’s Game & Grille announced their plans last week to open The Ice Cream Social inside a renovated area of the restaurant located at the corner of North Water Avenue and West Main Street.

The separate business is expected to open sometime in September and will let customers choose from dozens of toppings and ingredients to create their own unique flavor of ice cream or milkshake, according to co-owner Spencer Wakefield.

“You put the ice cream and the toppings in this big machine that basically mashes it all together and turns it into almost a soft serve,” Wakefield added. “You could then dip it in melted chocolate or whatever you wanted. If you want it to be thinner like a milkshake you literally just add milk to the mix and it just thins it down.”

Among the estimated 25-30 toppings and ingredients customers will be able to choose from to mix in with their vanilla ice cream will include a variety of candies, cookies, fruits and cereals.

The shop will also offer a drink menu that includes root beer, cream soda, ginger ale, gourmet hot chocolates and some coffees as well.

“The Ice Cream Social will be on sweet addition to our historic downtown and Gallatin area, bringing a stop for after school treats and adding more flavor to our already dynamic dining scene,” Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Kim Baker said about the new business. “We look forward to celebrating with their unique twist on ice cream very soon.”

Wakefield first opened Filly’s Game & Grill with his business partner Brad Singleton in June 2018. The two also own Prince Street Pizza & Pub in downtown Gallatin as well as White House Pizza & Pub and Portland Pizza & Pub.

While customers will be able to walk between Filly’s and The Ice Cream Social when it opens, Wakefield said he would like to see the shop benefit more downtown businesses than just his own.

“My hope would be that people would come and get a big cup of ice cream and then walk the square and go shop the boutiques,” Wakefield said. “We’re hoping that will connect the square a little bit more.”

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