Gallatin News readers offer their best wishes to Jim Hawkins as he continues his fight against cancer.


I took this of Jim and Carlene Fox after last year’s Shamrock run. He is usually the one behind the camera at these events. He has always been a smiling face at the end of these events. He always took our team pictures and posted them for us as well. I will keep he and his family in my prayers. - Louie Sterret


We grew up just a few houses apart. My respect for you was always high, but has grown immensely over the years. You are always the first to offer encouragement, be a positive influence, give “Birthday Wishes Good for One Week,” and just a great example of what brotherly love is all about. Your fight is not alone and from 2,000 miles away I am sending you a big hug for all you do for Gallatin and continued prayers for you and your dear family. Love you my friend. - Billy Anderson


Jim Hawkins meets Jim Hawkins - I moved here 6 years ago to work at STR from Colorado. I couldn’t get over how many people asked if I was this great lawyer!  A discount or two at local restaurants because so many think so highly of him, inquires why I was running for school board after just moving here. Couldn’t be prouder to wear the same name! - Jim Hawkins


Jim you are on our personal prayer list daily. - Hack and Sue Gilliam


Thank you Gallatin News for doing this. The times I have been around Jim Hawkins were very sincere. He was at Shop with a Cop and was all about helping. He even bent down and tied my shoe. I work at Howard Elementary and he would come check on us from time to time. The interactions I had with Jim Hawkins, it was clear he is a good Christian man. I appreciate and respect all he has done for our town. Much love and blessings to him and his family.  - Cathy Graff 


Lifting your name up right now for a great and wonderful outcome from your treatments.  Be strong and know your friends are all pulling (praying) for you. - Doreen


Wishing you a quick recovery very soon.  Prayers for you and your Family !! - Ruth Wright


Never give up, Jim. You have a great many prayer warriors sending up prayers every day. - Jim Hunter


Prayers lifted daily for God’s healing touch. - Judy Roberts


Jim, many people care about you and we are praying for you and your family. - Shirley Metcalf


This is a photo of Jim Hawkins and SCHS Advanced Art Students and teacher Blake Long at the Middle Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibit.  The only board member to attend this prestigious event where SCHS student Sophie Edwards won Best In Show. Thanks, Jim is a great guy!!!!!!!  Our prayers are with him and his family. Blake Long


Jim has been such a great man.  He has always been there to help me.  Always smiling, asking if I need anything. Jim - a fine Christian, giving - his parents were the same.  My love for the Hawkins’- all of them goes so deep. Their love is like no other. Jim... thoughts and prayers to you. - Vickie McKnight


Here is a picture of my family along with Susan from Habitat and board member and Mr. Jim. We just want to tell him that The Murphy family loves him and is praying for him. He is the most caring, loving and compassionate man I have ever met. His love for people and kindness shows every time I see him. We are rooting for you and fighting from the side lines for you Mr. Jim. Thank you for all you have done for our Family.  Love, Gary, Teri, Unity, Isaiah, Lincoln and Lily Murphy


I knew from a brief encounter that Jim Hawkins was different than most people.  At the annual GHS reverse raffle Jim saw my husband and I in the parking lot.  This was our first time to participate in this event although we are lifelong residents of Gallatin.  While most people would've walked on by, Jim made a special effort to walk over and introduce himself and ask our names.  It's rare to meet someone who has such a genuine disposition. Prayers for Jim and his family. - Penny Tucker


Hey Jim!  Just wanted you to know, you, Betsy and family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.  We are keeping up with your progress and praying for continued and complete healing.

You are a tremendous ambassador for all of Sumner County and we look forward to your return to this role ! Rosemary and Phil Vickery


Jim at last year’s Christmas open house. Carlene Fox


The Stewart family wishes you well.  You are an integral part of the Gallatin community.  Keep fighting! Catherine C. Stewart


Jim has been my Attorney for many years.  He has helped me in situations that I just couldn’t imagine getting through without his expertise.  He is always smiling and offering kind words. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with him and the family.  He is a dear friend and I wish him comfort and healing.  Karen McCoy


Jim Hawkins has always been so kind and caring.  I first met Jim in 1979 when I started working at Kroger.  He has always been such an encourager.  I wish that I had Jim’s memory, he can remember names, dates, and events like no one I have ever known.  In later years, Jim would come in to Kroger late at night, after he left his office and would be so uplifting and friendly.  He was one of the bright spots of my day.  After I retired from Kroger, I began seeing Jim at Family Heritage Funeral Home, where I currently work.  His compassion and generosity was unsurpassed with the families he knew and we served.  Jim is very community oriented and took a photo of me and my family at last year’s Cemetery Tour to benefit the Sumner County Museum that I will treasure always.  All these things sum up Jim Hawkins and our world is a brighter place because of him. - Jon Weidner


Get well soon Jim! We wish you a speedy recovery. Stay strong, we all have good and bad days. We are looking forward to seeing you around the County soon. We miss our cheerleader! - Anthony Holt


Jim was one of our favorite students at GHS 45 years ago, and he has continued his outstanding performance as an adult. I have always respected him and the contributions that he has made to our community. His comments which were read before the Station Camp-Gallatin game were appropriate and well-received by both schools. We are keeping him and his family in our prayers. - Coach Stephenson 


Jim Hawkins is one of the most thoughtful and gracious person I have had the honor to know.  I first meet Jim when he enrolled in my Physical Science class at Gallatin High School.  I knew his mother to be a very delightful and lovable lady.  Jim was a brilliant and respectful student.  It is our prayer that he gets better and continues the find job of demonstrating love and compassion for his fellowman.  Much love, peace and contentment in the days to come. - Frank & Velma Brinkley


We've known Jim for 12 years, ever since we moved to Gallatin.  His smiling face is missed all over the community. This is a picture of him with my daughter, Julia Williams, at an awards ceremony at Gallatin High school. Jim, we love and miss you so much! We are praying for you and your family as you are fighting this hard battle.  With God's help, you got this!! - Gina Williams 


I've prayed for Jim every day and constantly remind God that Gallatin needs him! Jim is a strong Christian with a good character, who spreads kindness to everyone he meets. God can heal the sick and I believe he will heal Jim. - Homer H. Bradley


Mike McDonald and Jim Hawkins


Newly appointed Rehoboth United Methodist Church Pastor Sean Stanfield wants Gallatin’s beloved Jim Hawkins to receive A Green and Gold Prayer Shawl made by members of the Rehoboth UMC Prayer Shawl Ministry.  As a congregation we will have prayed over this shawl for you and asked for God’s blessings on your life. We hope you feel our love and prayers surrounding you during this time of need. - Rick Murphy


Jim, Hugh and I love you and Betsy and have prayed for your healing every day. You are the epitome of a true Southern gentleman, spreading encouragement and kindness throughout our city, and our city needs you back soon! - Lynda Bradley Love


Jim is such a positive cheerleader for our community! Somehow he manages to be at nearly every event with a smile and an encouraging word taking pictures of all the great events across town! We are so lucky to have him! He spreads love and positivity everywhere he goes! He was at our 2018 Green Wave Clean up and we missed him this year. - Jennifer Watson


Ahoy, Hawkins! The Green Wave Class of 1974 was adrift at our recent 45th Reunion because you, our main anchor, were unable to be there. Best wishes for a continuing speedy recovery, Mate!  - Philip Tatum


Brother Jim, Your brothers and sisters at First Baptist Church on Winchester Street love you!  We are in constant prayer and intercession for you and your family. You have no idea the positive influence and impact you have had on so many in our congregation. Your consistent concern and compassion for the least, the last, and the lost among us has been inspirational.  You model the love ethic of Jesus in so many ways. Thank you for all you do and thank you for simply being YOU.  We love you Brother Jim! - Pastor Derrick L. Jackson & The First Baptist Church Family


Sometimes people make a bigger impact than they even realize. You are one of those people.  I pray for you and your family daily.  Get well soon. - Trina Woodard


Jim Hawkins has a smile that lights up the room.  It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what your social status is...He makes every person feel welcome and valued. He is the epitome of Southern class! Get well soon, Mr. Hawkins! This wish is good for....ever!  - Karen West


To the gentleman whose verbosity leaves many scratching their head, I look forward to your return.  Noon Rotary, along with Gallatin as a community, need your daily input! You are loved, admired and appreciated, and in my thoughts daily. - James Fenton


Jim, your upbeat personality, your desire to include those around you, and your desire to serve are infectious. Thank you for the example you set that we should all follow. I am praying for you friend and pray that the Lord be your refuge and strength.  Psalm 46:1. - Andrew Finney

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