Online videos to highlight Sumner County

Anthony Holt

A series of five new online videos highlighting Sumner County could help with local tourism and business recruitment efforts, according to county officials involved in the project.

The videos are the product of a partnership between Sumner County and New York-based CGI Communications and will help viewers learn more about area attractions, economic development opportunities and quality of life, according to Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt.

“We are not paying for this,” Holt said the program. “CGI get the rights to do these promotional videos with the county and then they go out to local businesses and sell advertising on those videos. They get all of the proceeds off of that and in return we get professionally produced videos that showcase our county and hopefully attract people to visit.”

In addition to a welcome video, the program will highlight education, healthcare, history and homes and education across the county, according to Caitlin Tran, assistant to the Sumner County Executive.

“They are going to start with the filming of the videos in August,” she said. “Once they are done, you’ll have to go to our homepage at to view the videos.”

Formed in 1987, CGI Communications has produced more than 201,800 videos for more than 3,700 communities across the countries, according to the company’s website. It’s Community Showcase Video Program has been endorsed by the National League of Cities and the United States Conference of Mayors.

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