Each carrying a photograph of one of the 343 New York firefighters killed during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a group of Gallatin firefighters each climbed 110 floors last week to honor and remember the fallen.

In all, 38 members of the Gallatin Fire Department took part in the 10th annual Nashville 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb held Sept. 15 at the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower in Nashville. 

“It’s very humbling to be able to do this to honor the fallen,” Gallatin Fire Department Shift Captain and event organizer Ben West said about the event. “It’s physically very demanding.” 

In addition to carrying a photograph of a fallen FDNY firefighter, each participant also wore approximately 60 pounds of gear while climbing what was the equivalent of the height of the World Trade Center, according to West. The entire 110-floor climb took between one and two hours to complete.  

All of the money raised during the event will go to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, which helps support families whose loved ones have died in the line of duty.

Earlier in the week, Workout Anytime Gallatin held its own memorial stair climb to remember those killed 18 years ago. As part of the three-day event, local first responders and non-members were also allowed to use the gym’s stair climbing equipment at no charge.

“Since we’re a smaller gym, this is a good way for us to honor those from 9/11 that were part of the rescue process and for those who were lost during that time,” Manager Keith Duggin said. 

A combined 7,541 floors were climbed during the event.

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