Hundreds of Union Elementary S.T.E.M. students holding American flags lined the halls of the school Monday to thank local veterans for their service. 

“It was an honor for me to see those kids,” Vietnam War veteran David Alexander said about the event. “It’s great to get them involved and know what the veterans are all about and what they’ve done to make this a great country.”

In addition to the walk, the school also held a musical program along with a reception to celebrate Veterans Day. Approximately 100 photographs of veterans who have family at the school were also hung on a wall in the cafeteria with information about their military service.

As they left, veterans also received hand-made cards from students at the school. 

“Things get busy and I thought we should slow things down and let our veterans see how much we appreciate them,” Union Principal Lance Taylor said about the event. “We wanted to make sure they feel welcome and supported and that we remember them and are grateful for all they’ve done for us.”

Members of the Gallatin High School drumline and color guard also took part in the event. 

“It’s unreal,” WWII veteran Van Conder said Monday. “I’ve never seen so many veterans here.

“I’d like to do it again.”

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