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Wilson Bank & Trust (WBT) announced the start of a new Teacher Supply Drive this summer, bringing back a successful initiative that helped teachers spend less money out of their own pockets last school year. Pre-packaged bags of supplies can be purchased for teachers at all WBT locations across Middle Tennessee from now through August 8. Visitors can donate any amount, but a full bag of supplies can be purchased for $20 that will contain: copy paper, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, tissues, cap erasers, glue sticks and pencils.

“This supply drive gives us another opportunity to give back to our local community, and to help educators who often pay for supplies out of their own pocket,” Wilson Bank & Trust President John McDearman said. “It’s a small but mighty way to show our support for all they do, and we’re excited about making it even easier to participate this year for those who don’t have time to do extra shopping.”

Those who do wish to shop rather than giving a monetary donation can bring supplies to Wilson Bank as well. Crayons, colored markers and colored pencils are specialty items that the bank hopes to collect.

A teacher pick-up day is tentatively scheduled for Sat., Aug. 17, at central WBT office locations in each county.  During last year’s campaign, Wilson Bank & Trust collected about $12,000 in items and donations, and provided classroom supplies for about 400 teachers.

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