Tommy Lee Jones replaces Harrison Ford in The Burial Content Exchange

Tommy Lee Jones has been cast alongside Jamie Foxx in 'The Burial'.

The 75-year-old actor will play the role that was meant to be filled by Harrison Ford until he had to drop out of the Amazon Studios project.

The upcoming film is based on an article by Jonathan Harr in The New Yorker magazine and is based on the true story of a bankrupt funeral home owner who decides to sue a rival businessman over a handshake deal gone wrong and hires a flamboyant attorney to handle the case.

Jamie is producing the drama with Amazon Studios, Bobby Shriver Inc. and Double Nickel Entertainment. Bobby Shriver and Double Nickel's Adam Richman and Jenette Kahn will all serve as producers.

Maggie Betts is directing the film from a script penned by Doug Wright. It was previously reported that Amazon were eyeing a legendary star to appear alongside Foxx and appear to have settled on Tommy.

Jamie is set to reprise his role as villain Electro in the upcoming superhero flick 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' and confessed that he loves playing evil characters, having portrayed antagonists in 'Dreamgirls' and 'Baby Driver'.

The 53-year-old star said: "It's the same hustle, it's just this is action. It has a little bit more of a deeper pool when it comes to the car chase and the guns, see I like guns and car chases, falling in love, tragedy and all of that kind of stuff.

"Yeah I love playing the villain."

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