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As Ms. Cheap, I am always looking for places to get a great affordable lunch. And so today, I am asking for your suggestions of places in Middle Tennessee where we can chow down at lunchtime for $10 or less.

Volunteer: This does not have to be a big preplanned organized project but could be a last minute neighborhood cleanup that you do on your own or with a group. Or maybe you could spearhead a book drive or food drive, where you pass out flyers to neighbors asking them to put out books or non perishable food for you to pick up and donate to a food pantry or literacy program. And if you want an organized project, Hands on Nashville has a full calendar of volunteer opportunities. HON.org

This year the Tennessee tax-free offerings have tripled — not only including the usual back-to-school weekend exemption on clothing, school supplies and computers, but expanding to offer a full week of taxless shopping on food and a whole year of tax-free shopping for gun safes and other gun safety features.

Right around the time we launched Main Street Nashville in March, I called Mary Hance (Ms. Cheap) to see if she would be interested in writing a weekly column for our newspapers. Mary had been sharing money-saving tips with people for years, and I knew our readers would love to read her feature stories and thrifty tips.