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With the proliferation of information sources, the 24 hour news cycle and wall to wall "news" on television, the 2016 presidential campaign has begun earlier than ever. Politics has always been a "contact sport"; however, the veneer of dignity associated with the process in past years has been discarded by the media and the American people as quaint. Americans are now being offered campaign rhetoric more suited for a television reality show than the political contest to decide who will be the most powerful individual on earth.

In all confidence, this writer is of the opinion that the American electorate deserves the leadership they elect. The contrast between the bombastic bluster of Donald Trump and the dignity exhibited by President Carter as he spoke to the nation about his cancer diagnosis represents a stark dichotomy as to the range of choices which will be presented to Tennesseans in the 2016 Presidential primaries and general election.

On Saturday September 5th there will be, in Gallatin, an event at "The Old Colored Fairgrounds" to celebrate history, community, citizen participation in government and to promote unity here in Sumner County.

I know, I know...I can hear some readers cringing at my use of the historic fair's name. I have anticipated criticism for repeating terminology from another time. Criticism such as I am being politically incorrect, culturally insensitive or openly racist. To the contrary, Gallatin's "Colored Fair" was a celebration of the accomplishments of Sumner County's black farmers, churches and businesses. The fair was an opportunity for fellowship and entertainment before air conditioning, "social media" and video games.

The September 5th event is more than a celebration; attendance will carry with it a call for commitment to participation in the governance of our City, County, State and Nation. The goal is, in addition to good clean family fun, registering as many voters as possible.

Let me make this perfectly clear, the organizers of this event want prospective voters to register no matter their party affiliation. Partisanship is not the objective of this celebration, participation is! Whether conservative or liberal, Americans must educate themselves, engage in the process and vote.

Mr. Boyers' family settled at Gallatin in 1813; his law firm, Thomas Boyers V, Attorney at Law, is located on West Main Street in Gallatin.

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