Chandler Marketplace in Gallatin

Plans for Chandler Marketplace include 266 apartment units, a hotel and commercial space on 42.8 acres located at the corner of Harris Lane and GreenLea Boulevard near State Route 386 in Gallatin.

Update (Monday, July 26): A preliminary master development plan and rezoning request for Chandler Marketplace was pulled from the Gallatin Planning Commission agenda prior to its meeting on Monday, July 26 in order to better address traffic concerns related the development, according to a representative for the project.

Originally reported:

A new mixed-use development featuring 266 apartment units, a hotel, and various other commercial uses is being proposed at the corner of GreenLea Boulevard and Harris Lane in Gallatin.

According to a preliminary master development plan and rezoning request submitted to the city’s planning department, Chandler Marketplace would include 120,100-square-feet of combined retail, restaurant and office space along with 25 apartment buildings across 42.8 acres of vacant property near State Route 386.

The residential portion of the development would also contain a clubhouse and pool along with a proposed putting green and pickleball court.

“It definitely doesn’t look like your standard multi-family unit,” project representative Andy Leath with GreenLID Design told members of the Gallatin Planning Commission last week. “I know (apartments) is a dirty word in Gallatin right now, but… the rental on these things is like a mortgage. These are apartments, but they are apartments by choice. People that are going to live here want the amenities.”

In addition to a 20,000-square-foot hotel, the commercial area of the project would include seven retail buildings, three restaurant buildings and two office buildings on a total of approximately 17 acres, according to plans for the project.

The development would have one main entrance along Harris Lane along with a right-in, right-out only access onto GreenLea Boulevard.

During a work session last week, some city officials expressed concern about how traffic in the area could be impacted as a result of the limited access to the development.

“That (main entrance) is going to be forcing a lot of traffic out to that intersection pretty close to GreenLea Boulevard,” City Planner Bill McCord said during the meeting on July 12. “That needs to be looked into a little bit more and how we can better distribute those trips.

“Unfortunately, they are kind of trapped in here and they have a large piece of property with limited options for good design for access.”

The Gallatin Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on whether to recommend approval of the plans for Chandler Marketplace during its next meeting on Monday, July 26. The project would then go to the city council for a final decision.

If approved, construction could start later this summer and would take an estimated five years to complete, according to plans for the development.