Paige Brown

Mayor Paige Brown

Dear Gallatin Residents,

I was offered the opportunity to reach out to you via the Gallatin News and I am grateful for the chance to share my thoughts with you regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

First, I say thank you for all that you are doing in this unprecedented time. Thank you for following the guidelines, being civil to each other in anxious settings, and extending grace and kindness to each other.

We will, as a community, a state, a nation and a world, get through this. We will be a better and stronger city on the other side of this crisis.

It is important that we ALL take steps to limit our risk of exposure. Please remember that we are protecting ourselves so that we protect the vulnerable among us. We really do need to stay home as much as we possibly can and follow the advice to stop the spread of the virus.

I realize that many of our businesses are doing their best to provide goods and services, while worrying about their workforce and the impact of this virus on their ability to continue operating. I hope we continue to patronize our local businesses. They are working hard to serve their customers in new ways so that everyone is better protected.

The City of Gallatin will strive to keep our services to our residents as uninterrupted as possible. Our offices are open, but we encourage citizens to conduct business via phone or email. We will continue to hold critical meetings, including City Council and Planning meetings. These will be streamed live at If you have remarks for public comment or public hearings to submit, you may email them to

At this writing (Tuesday, March 17), there are no known cases of COVID-19 in our community; however, there probably will be. It is in our best interest to act as if there are contagious people around us and to wash hands regularly, avoid touching our faces and use hand sanitizers. Anyone who is sick should self-quarantine.

The recommendation for those who fear they may have the virus is to CALL your health care provider.

Finally, I want to ask that we all use common sense, look out for each other, and be kind. Limit purchases so that people can access what they currently need. There is no shortage of food in the supply chain, but you have neighbors who can’t find baby formula because people are stockpiling.

Let’s care for our fellow citizens.

We will all get through this faster if we follow the advice of the experts.

We will have more peace if we do the right things and consider others’ needs.

Please call our office at 615-451-5961 or email me at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

I hope and I pray that you and your families remain healthy. May God bless each of you.


Paige Brown, Mayor of Gallatin

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