The Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the apparent accidental shooting death of a toddler at the Shackle Island Fire Department on July 2.   

Investigators were called to the fire station on Long Hollow Pike at around 4 p.m. on Thursday, according to Maj. Tim Bailey.

Bailey confirmed that a two-year-old – John Robert Moore - had been shot and subsequently died, but released few other details.

“Our investigators conducted an investigation that night and the investigation is ongoing,” said Bailey.

Previous news reports of the incident have said that the young boy became separated from his dad, retrieved a gun from a vehicle at the fire station and shot himself. Bailey said that where the gun was found is still part of the ongoing investigation.  

“We just want to be able to say with 100 percent certainty where the gun came from,” said Bailey. “We believe evidence we have submitted to the TBI will give us that information.”

It could take a couple of weeks for the TBI lab to process the submitted items, Bailey added.

He said his office will meet with the Sumner County District Attorney General’s Office once the results are returned and determine whether charges will be brought in the incident.

Shackle Island Fire Chief Marty Bowers confirmed that the toddler is the son of volunteer firefighter Michael Moore. Moore has been with the department for eight or nine years, Bowers said. Moore is also a full-time firefighter with the Mt. Juliet Fire Department.

His department, comprised of 36 volunteers, is devastated by the accident, Bowers added.

“I’ve had a lot happen in the 27 years I’ve been chief,” he said, “but nothing of this magnitude.”

Bowers said he had seen the little boy around the fire station on several occasions.

“He was just a typical, feisty, always-on-the go little boy,” the chief mused.

A candlelight vigil was held for the toddler on Friday.

“The community has really rallied around us,” Bowers added. “We’ve just received a whole lot of support.”

A gofundme page has been set up to help the toddler’s family at the following link:

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