The City of Gallatin has received more than two dozen complaints about door-to-door solicitors since a temporary ban on the practice citywide expired earlier this year.

A total of 46 peddling/solicitation permits – all related to the sale of pest control services – were issued by the city recorder’s office between May 5 and July 13, according to Jeff Hentschel, communications director for the city.

During that same time, Gallatin police received 30 complaints regarding door-to-door sales ranging from harassment to suspected fraud and visiting homes that are on the city’s do-not-solicit list.

“The local high schools sell magazines and coupons and girl scouts sell cookies and people love that because we know we’re supporting our community; however, some residents feel very differently about for-profit companies knocking at their front doors,” Gallatin City Recorder and Municipal Court Judge Connie Kittrell said in prepared statement.

In an effort to protect residents from possible exposure to COVID-19, Mayor Paige Brown issued an executive order suspending door-to-door sales in late March. The order expired on May 5 along with the city’s state of emergency declaration.

The practice is allowed inside the city limits between 9 a.m. and dusk, according to the city’s municipal code.

Solicitors are only allowed to approach the front door of a residence and are not permitted to access the property from the rear. They must also wear an identification badge issued by the city at all times and are required to leave a property if asked to by the homeowner.

Free do not solicit stickers, which can be placed on the front door of a residence, are available at city hall. Anyone who does not want solicitors to visit their home are also encouraged to renew their registration with the city’s do not solicit list each year.

For more information about the do not solicit list, or to learn more about the city’s solicitation regulations, visit or call the Gallatin City Recorder’s Office at 615-451-5895.

Any resident who feels a solicitor is not legitimate or who feels intimidated should contact the Gallatin Police Department at 615-452-1313.

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