The indoor pool at the Gallatin Civic Center has been closed for months after drains were damaged and pipes were broken during maintenance work earlier this year. FILE

Repair work is expected to start soon on the Gallatin Civic Center’s indoor pool which has remained closed for months since being damaged during routine maintenance earlier this year.

Officials were notified by the city’s insurance provider Friday that South Carolina-based Paddock Construction Company had been selected to complete the repairs, according to David Brown, director of Gallatin Parks and Recreation.

The total cost of the project will be $378,237 with insurance covering $311,356 and the city being responsible for the remaining $66,881.

“I’m glad that everything has been settled and we can move on fast (with reopening the pool),” Brown said Monday.

Crews were in the process of draining the pool earlier this year when water is believed to have gotten underneath the structure and forced it to move out of the ground enough to crack drains and break pipes. The full extent of the damage was not discovered, however, until late June when the pool was refilled, and staff noticed the waterline drop six inches within a day.

As part of the repair work, a new liner along with new drain pipes will be added to the pool, according to Brown. Construction is expected to take between three to six months to complete once it begins.

“We would love for the pool to be open tomorrow, but this was just a freak thing that happened,” Brown said about the damages. “We would love for it to have already been fixed, but there is just a process that we have to go through first.”

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