Gallatin city leaders have approved the city’s 2019-20 paving list which includes work on 38 roads across the city. FILE

More than three dozen city streets across Gallatin are scheduled to be repaved in the upcoming year.

The Gallatin City Council approved the city’s 2019-20 pavement rehabilitation program last week. The list, which includes various maintenance work on 38 total city streets, is estimated to cost approximately $1.2 million to complete.

“While it is a minor inconvenience during paving, citizens are always happy to have that fresh surface to drive on when the job is complete,” City Engineer Nick Tuttle said. “This (work) keeps us on pace to continue to maintain a good level of overall street quality in Gallatin.”

Road work is expected to begin sometime in March.

The complete paving list includes:

*Airport Road from S.R. 6 to Gateway Drive

*Baypoint Drive from Browns Lane to Blue Jay Way

*Bentley Street (entire street)

*Blade Street from Marrell Street to cul-de-sac

*Boles Street from Juanita Avenue to Elleta Avenue

*Central Drive from Coles Ferry Road to West Avenue

*Chase Court (entire street)

*Cherokee Road (entire street)

*Creekside Court from Walnut Crest Drive to cul-de-sac

*Deer Path from Autumndale Drive to Lone Oak Drive

*Douglas Bend Road from the city limit to new pavement

*East Jackson Street from S.R. 6 to Martha Avenue

*East Main Street from Hartsville Pike to Willomont Avenue

*Foster Avenue from Smith Street to West Winchester Street

*Gwen Avenue from Long Hollow Pike to Laura Street

*Hillwood Drive from Woodvale Drive to Timberwood Drive

*James Circle from South Water Avenue to James Street

*Jamison Drive (entire street)

*Jill Street from Trail Drive to Mike Street

*Lock 4 Road from Rockwood Terrace to Nichols Lane

*Longleaf Drive from Old Airport Road to cul-de-sac

*Mallard Drive from Belvedere Drive to cul-de-sac

*Marrell Street from S.R. 25 to cul-de-sac

*North Durham Avenue from West Eastland Avenue to end of street

*North Electra Avenue from S.R. 25 to S.R. 174

*Robin Court from Grandview Circle to cul-de-sac

*Rodman Boulevard (south side only) from Browns Lane to Wyndham Drive

*Rodman Boulevard from Wyndham Drive to Bay Point Drive

*Roosevelt Circle (entire street)

*Ruth Avenue from East Jackson Street to the end of the street

*South Electra Street from Long Hollow Pike to Trail Drive

*Stanley Drive from Bothwell Place to Woods Ferry Road

*Stonebridge Drive from GreenLea Boulevard to Greensboro Drive

*Timberlane Road from East Main Street to cul-de-sac

*Trey Lane from Hancock Street to cul-de-sac

*Webster Street from Drivers Lane to cul-de-sac

*Womack Circle (entire street)

*Woodlands Drive from S.R. 25 to Callaway Drive

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