Michael Cummins

Michael Cummins

As the investigation continues into the horrific murders of seven Westmoreland residents, police continue to broaden the net for more clues.

Twenty-five year old Michael Cummings, the lead suspect in the case, was charged last week with criminal homicide in death of 69-year-old Shirley Fehrle, who was found dead inside her residence at 1555 Luby Brown Road.

Cummins was still hospitalized as of Wednesday morning for a gunshot wound he sustained in a standoff with police the evening of April 27 after police found six other people - his mother, Clara Cummins; father, David Cummins; uncle, Charles Hosale and four unrelated victims - including a 12-year-old girl - Sapphire McGothlin-Pee; her mother Rachel McGothlin-Pee; and Rachel’s mother, Marsha Nukols, at a residence at 1177 Charles Brown Road.

Additional charges are anticipated in the deaths of the remaining six victims killed once Cummins is released from the hospital.

“Nothing has changed - he is still in the hospital,” Sheriff Sonny Weatherford said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, which is handling the case, issued a search warrant Monday for a third residence located about a block from the Charles Brown Road crime scene.

The warrant included a wide range of items investigators were to search for including human tissue, human bone fragments, teeth and latent fingerprints. The property is currently occupied by family members to Michael Cummins, who had earlier told police they saw Cummins that weekend in a shirt covered in blood.

Weatherford said his department was not notified of the search warrant until it was served, but doesn’t think additional persons will be charged in the slayings.

“I don’t think so, I think they were just looking for supporting evidence,” he said. “They go into these scenes and record things and they may decide they want to go back for certain things.”

An eight victim in the brutal crimes - Cummins’ own grandmother - Mary Hosale, survived the attack and was hospitalized after being beaten.

“The grandmother is supposedly doing better, but she’s still in the hospital,” Weatherford said.

Three of the victims - Rachel and Sapphire McGothlin Pee, along with Marsha Nukols were laid to rest Sunday. Funeral services for David and Clara Cummins and Charles Hosale were held Wednesday.

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