David Wade McDaniel Sr.


A Westmoreland man has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after authorities say he shot his neighbor multiple times during a dispute Saturday afternoon.

The shooting occurred outside a home in the 1200-block of Charles Brown Road on Nov. 27, according to officials with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.

David Wade McDaniel Sr., 65, told investigators that he confronted Brian Keith Cummins, 41, after being told by his son that he had been threatened by the neighbor while in the tree line between their two properties.

The altercation was captured on video by security cameras at McDaniel’s residence, according to authorities.

In court records, investigators say McDaniel can be seen with a gun in the video confronting Cummins outside the home. At some point later, Cummins picks up a piece of lumber and raises it while he starts towards McDaniel before McDaniel shoots at him twice. Cummins falls to the ground before McDaniel briefly pauses and fires four more times at his neighbor. All six shots were fired within approximately eight and a half seconds.

When questioned about the shooting, authorities say McDaniel told them that Cummins “continually threatened to kill him” during the confrontation and that he was “protecting his family and property.”

“Mr. McDaniel was asked about firing the four shots at Mr. Cummins after he was on the ground,” Det. Chris Burgett with the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a sworn court affidavit. “He stated that he believed that Mr. Cummins was still a threat because he was verbally threatening him and continuing to move. He stated that he intended to neutralize the threat.”

After the shooting, authorities say McDaniel went and sat in a chair and waited for deputies to arrive. Cummins was found lying on the driveway next to the residence. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

McDaniel has been charged with voluntary manslaughter, according to court records. His bond was set at $235,000 and he is scheduled to appear in Sumner County General Sessions Court on Dec. 15.