Station Camp rezoning won’t include high school students

High school students at SCHS will be grandfathered in and won’t be included in the upcoming Phase 1 rezoning. FILE

More than 70 students at Station Camp High School will not be included in the Stage 1 Rezoning plan that is aimed at alleviating overcrowding at the school.

A plan laid out in October by Director of Schools Del Phillips included the rezoning of 143 Station Camp Elementary students to Beech Elementary, 77 Station Camp Middle students to T.W. Hunter Middle, and 74 students from Station Camp High to Beech High.

The plan is a temporary measure to alleviate overcrowding on the Station Camp campus until a new school campus is opened in 2021.

The School Board on Tuesday night voted to grandfather in those 74 high school students; allowing them to remain in their current school until graduation or until the new school campus is built.

Despite pushback from many parents, the remaining elementary and middle school students that live north of Long Hollow Pike will still be rezoned to Beech and Hunter effective at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year starting next August.

While some parents questioned why the system could not bring in portables for those remaining children to stay on the Station Camp campus, school board members have repeatedly said this is not an option. Part of the recent $70 million school building program was aimed at removing all portables from Sumner County schools.

Members of the online group Stop Stage 1 - Better Solutions for SCSC Temporary Rezoning, say they are disappointed in the board’s decision and will continue to seek other alternatives.

Sumner County School Board members approved building plans for a new $99.4 million school campus off of Upper Station Camp Creek Road on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Director of Schools Del Phillips said the school district plans to open the new campus with 550 elementary school students, 425 middle school students and 600 high school students, leaving enough room for future growth.

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