Sumner’s 2019-20 school year calendar set

The Sumner County Board of Education approved a district calendar for the 2019-20 school year on Nov. 27.

School Board members were first presented three choices from a committee comprised of teachers and central office staff at a study session on Nov. 13.

At that meeting, District 3 School Board member Sarah Andrews asked if the committee’s first choice could be modified to move a teacher Professional Learning Day earmarked for the Monday following Fall Break to the day after Halloween to better accommodate working parents.

The calendar was also tweaked to make Friday, May 22 the last half-day for teachers instead of Saturday, May 23.

Board members voted on the modified calendar on Nov. 27.

The 2019-20 district school calendar includes:

A first full day of school on Aug. 5, 2019

A fall break from Oct. 7-11, 2019

A Thanksgiving break from Nov. 27-29, 2019

A Winter break beginning on an abbreviated day on Dec. 20, 2019-Jan. 6., 2020

A Spring break on March 16-20, 2020

A last day of school on May 20, 2020

School Board members are expected to approve a school year calendar for Union Elementary Stem and Demonstration School, the county’s modified year-round school, at its meeting on Dec. 11.

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