School Calendar

Sumner County parents and teachers can already begin making plans for the next school year following the recent approval of the 2018-2019 school year calendar.

Members of the Sumner County Board of Education voted Tuesday, Oct. 17 to approve one of three options proposed by a calendar committee comprised of parents, teachers and school system employees.

This year’s committee split almost evenly on their recommendation with eight members recommending a first option of students beginning winter break on the Friday before Christmas. Six members recommended a second option of students attending school through that Friday and extending when teachers return to school to the Monday following New Year’s Day.

District 4 School Board Member Sarah Andrews solicited input from Facebook followers on social media where she received around 200 responses. The first option garnered roughly 105 votes while Option 2, which seemed to be favored by teachers, received around 92 votes.

District 7 School Board Member Andy Daniels’ motion to approve the second option failed 4 to 4.

Patricia Brown, who represents District 9, made a motion to approve the option narrowly recommended by the committee. That motion passed 6-2.

The first day of the 2018-19 school year for students will be Aug. 6, 2018. Teachers will return on July 30. Students and teachers will receive a week-long fall and spring break and a two-week winter break with fall break taking place Oct. 8-12.

Thursday, Dec. 20 will be an abbreviated day for students with winter break extending from Dec. 21-Jan. 4 for students. Teachers will work an administrative day on Friday, Jan. 4. Spring break will run from March 25-29. The last day of school for students will be Wednesday, May 23.

State law allows the school system to allow for up to 13 school days to be used for “dangerous or extreme weather” or “serious outbreaks of illness.” Those days can’t be “taken off” the calendar, however, if they aren’t used. State law also requires 10 administrative and in-service days for teachers. 

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