Construction of Facebook’s new $800 million data center in Gallatin is nearly 25 percent complete and still on track to become operational in 2023, according to company officials overseeing the project.

Officials with Facebook and DPR Construction provided an update on the project during a tour of the site last week.

“We are on time and right where we would have expected to be,” Facebook Lead Construction Manager Joshua Craft said about the work that has been done so far. “For a project this size, that is a really big thing.

“It’s absolutely impressive.”

The social media giant announced in August that it had broken ground on a 982,000-square-foot data center that will be located on a more than 800-acre site off Hartsville Pike between Roundtree Drive and Brights Lane next to the Gallatin Industrial Center.

Since that time, there have been some 2,300 workers who have been involved in various aspects of the project, according to Craft. There are also around 750 people currently working at the site each day – a number that is expected to grow to 1,200 at its peak later this fall.

Once complete, officials say the data center will be roughly the size of two aircraft carriers. The amount of steel being used for the project will be enough to build the Eiffel Tower twice.

With most of the blasting work finished, Craft said crews plan to reuse approximately 1.1 million cubic yards of rock at the site to build roads, sidewalks and buildings on the property.

“We are what we refer to as a balanced site,” Craft added. “This rock ends up getting crushed and… will all stay here. Every bit of it.”

The large pile of rocks, dubbed “Mount Crushmore,” is expected to be gone as construction nears completion, according to officials.

Once operational, the facility will be staffed by approximately 100 employees ranging from technical operations, electricians, logistics staff, security and others.

The project represents Facebook’s 13th data center in the United States and its 17th worldwide, according to a spokesperson for the company. It will be supported by 100 percent renewable energy, use 80 percent less water than the average facility and will be LEED Gold certified.

The facility will be filled with tens of thousands of servers that store and transmit digital information to support the tech giant’s various products like the Facebook app, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

While Facebook has committed to building two buildings initially, officials have previously noted that the company has room to add up to four additional buildings on the property in the future. If fully developed, the project would represent a total investment of nearly $2.5 billion.