Shawn Fennell

Shawn Fennell

Dear Friends,

I am Shawn Fennell and running for re-election as your Gallatin City Councilman at Large.

If we do not know each other already, there are some things I would like to share about myself. I always choose positive over negative. I choose love over hate.  I choose Gallatin.  My faith, my family, my business, and my community are my priorities.  

My main goal is to remain Focused on our Future.  I plan to help OUR city navigate to bring jobs and industries that we as a community deserve. By doing that, we will increase the median income for OUR citizens while building long term sustainability for Gallatin.

For more than 35 years, my wife and I have been Gallatin small business owners.  I view the City of Gallatin like I do my business and take it just as seriously.

Gallatin is growing, as all of Middle Tennessee is.  For us to be a vibrant thriving community, we must appeal to each generation.  For our residents to prosper, we must have good jobs available, a variety of housing, and a great quality of life.  I think it’s particularly important that our city be attractive to our children and grandchildren, so they may choose to remain in, or return to, their hometown. My wife and I are extremely fortunate that our children and grandchildren call Gallatin home.

We should all be immensely proud that our city is in good fiscal condition and that our economic forecast is incredibly positive, even while enduring the 2020 pandemic. We have maintained all city services, and all city employees’ pay and benefits. We did this while maintaining a balanced budget and a healthy reserve. This is a direct result of planning ahead and working together for our city and citizens.

I am also very thankful that we have been able to bring so many amenities to our community including but not limited to: Tommy Garrott Aquatic Complex, Gallatin Fire Hall #5, investment of land for our future parks, and one of my favorites that will be opening soon, Miracle Park.

We are all the beneficiaries of the City of Gallatin’s tremendous employee base, which has worked throughout the pandemic to achieve more and perform better for all of us. They are a large part of what makes us the best small city in America.

As you can tell, I am proud of Gallatin. I am proud that we welcome new residents, new businesses, and new ideas. The people of Gallatin have made tremendous strides for our city and brought many new amenities and opportunities for us to enjoy. In recent years we have had growth in many business sectors, from retail and restaurants, to industry and technology, offering services, goods, AND employment opportunities for our residents.

Gallatin has a strong history and an even brighter future. I would appreciate your support of my candidacy to continue representing you on the Gallatin City Council. I pledge that I will continue to work to attract prosperous jobs and meaningful investment to our city, thereby increasing our residents’ incomes and building sustainability for Gallatin.

Since our campaign is sensitive to various positions that individuals have regarding Covid19 WE ARE NOT DOOR KNOCKING during this election out of respect for our citizens. I welcome a call, text, or email. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you.

Please Like and Follow us on Facebook @ Shawn Fennell, Gallatin City Councilman at Large;; 615-426-2011.

Thank you, GALLATIN!

Article submitted by Shawn Fennell.

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