Sumner County plans to add a dedicated ambulance bay with sleeping quarters to the Gallatin fire station on Red River Road. JOSH CROSS

Sumner County is moving forward with plans to add a dedicated ambulance bay and sleeping quarters for emergency medical services (EMS) staff at Gallatin Fire Station No. 3.

The Gallatin City Council unanimously approved a resolution last month to allow the county to build the 800-square-foot addition onto the building located at 860 Red River Road.

According to Sumner County EMS Chief Greg Miller, an ambulance has been using an existing fire bay at the station since December 2019.

“That station wasn’t built or designed for an additional paramedic crew, so they had to move some things out of there temporarily to allow room for us,” Miller said about the location. “This puts us much closer to where the data shows all of the emergencies are occurring in the City of Gallatin.”

The ambulance covers the northern portion of Gallatin including areas outside of the city limits towards Portland, according to EMS officials. The crew is the busiest in the county, responding to a total of 236 calls in September and 238 calls in August.

“It’s been a benefit to us to have it there because we have cut response times significantly with that truck being in that fire hall,” Sumner County EMS Assistant Chief of Operations Sam Clark said. “It is a couple minutes (faster) on most responses - up to three or four minutes that it’s cutting off having that truck in that area for these citizens.”

Construction on the addition is expected to start in the coming weeks and should be completed before June 30. The cost of the work is $268,400 and is being funded by the county.

EMS officials say they believe having an ambulance stationed at the fire hall has helped save countless lives in the area during the past year.

“It’s a small project but a big win for the people that live in that part of the community,” Miller said.

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