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Gallatin entered HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” contest earlier this month. If chosen, the city will be featured in the six-episode series scheduled to premiere on the network in 2021. SUBMITTED

Gallatin could be featured on a new television series that would focus on multiple renovation and restoration projects across the city.

The city submitted a video entry for HGTV’s “Home Town Takeover” contest earlier this month. The submission highlights locations throughout downtown and includes footage from local community events along with interviews with several area residents.  

“We certainly kind of meet what they were looking for as far as having some history and having some opportunities for some good projects,” Mayor Paige Brown said about the contest. “It certainly would showcase Gallatin, but it would also give us a fresh look from some outsiders who might have some great ideas.”

To view Gallatin's "Home Town Takeover" video submission on YouTube click here.

The show will focus on the rehab of multiple individual family homes along with the revitalization of public space such as parks, local diners and recreations in one chosen town with a population of less than 40,000 residents, according to a news release.

The location selection search and renovation team will be led by Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV’s hit series “Home Town.” 

“Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience, but the chance to support an entire town, where we can help bring a community back to life and enhance the lives of the people who live and work there, is something we’ve always wanted to try,” Ben Napier said in a prepared statement about the new show. “You won’t believe what a small town with a shared renovation vision and the power of HGTV, Erin and me behind them can do.”

In addition to watching Gallatin’s “Home Town Takeover” video entry on the “Gallatin City Government” Facebook page, Brown also encouraged residents to share the video on social media and tag HGTV along with the Napiers. 

The town that is chosen will be featured in the six-episode series that is scheduled to premiere in 2021.

“Somebody willing to invest some time, talent and money in your community is not a bad thing,” Brown said. “We always try to take advantage of an opportunity like this because you never know what something is going to lead to.” 

In 2017, Gallatin was named the first “Nicest Place in America” by Reader’s Digest following a nationwide search that included 300 nominations from 43 states. 

The city was most recently a top 20 finalist to be featured on the fourth season of “Small Business Revolution – Main Street” in November of 2018.

HGTV is distributed to more than 88 million households in the United States, according to the network. It has a social media reach of 16.8 million and averages 9.7 million website visits each month.

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