Pascal Jouvence

Pascal Jouvence

My name is Pascal Jouvence, and I am running for Gallatin City Council At Large.

 My wife and I live on Long Hollow Pike. I am an airline pilot and a veteran, not a politician. We got involved with city council three years ago because of different things happening in our neighborhood. I think it is time for a change. I am not a part of the Good Ole Boy's network. I was not born here, but I love Gallatin!

Did you know that the decisions made at the local level of government affect your quality of life more than decisions made at the federal level?

My main concerns are the same as I hear from most people. The city is growing too fast and the infrastructure is not in place to handle the growth. People do not like the increased traffic and the increased taxes. We are already paying more in taxes as a result of this growth, and another tax increase is something people cannot afford at this time. Growth is good, but it needs to be controlled and managed.

I am a problem solver. That is what I have been all my life. I am as careful with other people's money as I am with my own. I will respect your tax money, and I will work hard for you.

My focus is to be the voice of the community. To listen to what the citizens of Gallatin are saying and to represent their questions and concerns. I am running to be your voice.

I believe in supporting our local small businesses; they are the life blood of our town. I believe in supporting our Gallatin city employees, who work hard every day to serve our town. I am for protecting our small-town charm and all of our historic treasures.

After I get elected, I will not forget about you. I will use the money I receive from serving on the council to hold a meet and greet each month in a different Gallatin neighborhood with food from one of our local restaurants. I will continue to hear from you and see your neighborhood on a regular basis.

You can read more about me on my website,

Please follow me on my Facebook page, PascalforGallatin

Please vote for me on Nov. 3, Pascal Jouvence. Gallatin City Council At Large.

Article submitted by Pascal Jouvence.

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