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The first episode of the new online weekly talk show “Baker & Brown” featuring Mayor Paige Brown, left, and Kim Baker, CEO of the Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce, was released last week. SUBMITTED

Mayor Paige Brown is teaming up with Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Kim Baker to co-host a new weekly talk show focusing on all things Gallatin.

The first episode of “Baker & Brown” was released last week on Facebook and features various resources residents may find helpful when looking for more information about the city.

“The goal is for us to be able to come together and talk about issues that Gallatin is facing, topics of interest that we know the community wants to know about and really have an open forum where we can respond to the community,” Baker said about the show. “While I know the mayor and I are very reachable, sometimes it’s just easier to put the information out there in a fun and comfortable setting and presentation.”

Episodes of the show will be recorded on Fridays and posted mid-week on both the city and chamber Facebook pages.

Future topics that are expected to be discussed include growth and development issues along with information about new and existing businesses, city departments, upcoming events and local volunteer opportunities.

“We’re trying to get some more information out there so that everyone feels like they are more of a stakeholder in the community they live in,” Brown said. “We want to make people know their city better and to be able to maximize its offerings.”

Plans for “Baker & Brown” also include interviews with city department heads, nonprofit leaders, event organizers and local elected officials.

Upcoming episodes of the show are expected to be no more than 20 minutes in length.

“We want it to be a quick watch, but we also want it to have enough information in it where folks can get something out of it,” Baker added. “We hope people find out some things that they didn’t know.” 

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