Pretty incredible numbers on the temperatures for December - we finished with one of the mildest-ever with numerous record highs and it even continued on New Year's Day with a record high.

It is interesting to note that in the past when we have an unusually warm December, things really turn wintry in January and February and that is exactly what we have been expecting and it has started this week.

After the wintry weather that started Sunday, we may see more snowflakes and very cold air around Thursday.

I continue to believe that the period from the third week of January until mid-February will probably be the worst of our winter weather.

One of the most severe cold waves in Tennessee on record was January 21, 1985. The temperature fell to an incredible 28 below in Cannon County, 24 below was recorded in Smithville, 20 below zero in Lebanon, and even the official temperature in Nashville dropped to minus 17.

I mention this cold wave because it came after some very warm weather in late December like we have been having this year. Things can change in a hurry. You can reach me anytime for weather data or questions at

Steve Norris obtained his first job in radio doing the weather as a senior in high school. As well as writing articles for newspapers, he provides severe weather information to county governments and Emergency Management and also does live hourly weather reports for radio stations. He has received multiple awards for his coverage of severe weather in middle Tennessee - both tornadoes and ice storms.