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Nearly two months ago, on August 12 at 3 p.m. the Gallatin Police Department responded to an assault call at 721 Lincoln Street, and what they found rocked several officers to the core.

Lydia Gutierrez, a 27 year old Hispanic female, was found lying face down in a pool of blood in the living room by her eight year old son as he arrived home from school.

Her son gathered his other two brothers, who were both under the age of two and a half, and went to neighbors house to call the Gallatin Police Department.

Once the police entered the residence, they found Gutierrez had been stabbed multiple times in the neck, head, and upper torso, and within a few hours the police had a suspect.

Joshua Singletary, a 25-year-old white male, had gone to Hendersonville Medical Center to be treated for cuts to his left hand, left leg, and left foot, but was registered under his brothers name, Mark Singletary.

Joshua told police that he registered under his brothers name because he had an outstanding probation warrant, said Gallatin District Attorney Ray Whitley.

He told police that he thought if he gave his real name the hospital would have alerted authorities, and he wouldve gone back to jail.

The police found that Mr. Singletary had cuts on his left hand, and had severe cuts to his left leg and foot. I cant comment on what Singletary gave as the reason for the wounds because this is still an ongoing case, and I feel it would be inappropriate.Singletary was taken in for further questioning, and as a result, was later arrested and charged with capital murder in the death of Gutierrez.

Singletary had been held in the Gallatin jail from that point until last Friday October 1 when Whitley voluntarily dismissed all charges, choosing not to prosecute at this time.

There was no jeopardy attached, so we can still go back and prosecute once we gather more evidence, said Whitley. There were several things that were sent into the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but everything that came back so far has been unable to tie Mr. Singletary to the crime.

There is still evidence at the TBI lab, including DNA, but from what theyve been able to go through and get back to us, at this point there just wasnt anything to tie him to the crime. We just didnt feel it was right or fair to keep him in jail until we had evidence that put him at the scene, so we had to set him free.

Whitley said he has spoken to Gutierrezs mother, and with the Chief of Police Tisdale, and said that they vow to keep investigating this case until a suspect has been charged.

This was a horrible crime, and the facts surrounding the case are just unbelievable, said Whitley.

This crime took place while Ms. Gutierrez was keeping two small children and they were left there with their mother and the perpetrator just left her there in the company of those two small children and let the victims older child discover the body.

We cant let this go unsolved, and no matter who is at fault, we will find them and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

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