Sumner Regional Medical Center was named the seventh recipient of Gallatin’s City Beautification Award on Thursday, May 14. SUBMITTED

Sumner Regional Medical Center has been recognized for more than just keeping the community healthy.

The hospital, which is located on Hartsville Pike, was named the most recent recipient of the City Beautification Award last week by Mayor Paige Brown and the Gallatin Beautiful committee.

“Sumner Regional… has maintained one of the most beautiful campuses in our community,” Brown said during a virtual award presentation held May 14. “We probably should be recognizing (the hospital) with a full bevy of awards because you all are deserving on so many fronts, but this is one way that we wanted to say thank you for what you are doing in our community and let you know that we’re thinking of you all the time and certainly wish you the best.”

The presentation took place during First Responder-Medical Professionals Appreciation Week, which Brown announced last month as a way to recognize “all first responders and medical personnel for their incredible and selfless contributions to communities across Sumner County.”

Since opening as the Sumner County Memorial Hospital in 1959, Sumner Regional Medical Center has grown from 50 employees and seven physicians to more than 1,000 employees and 300 physicians. 

The 155-bed hospital was purchased by Brentwood, Tenn.-based LifePoint Health in 2010 and is part of HighPoint Health System, a group of four hospitals that serve communities in northern Middle Tennessee.

“We are so honored to serve this community each and every day,” Sumner Regional Medical Center CEO Susan Peach said Thursday. “I’m so proud of the people who work here. They are dedicated, they are kind, loving and compassionate members of our community.

“Our first objective is to put our patients first, and that is what we are here to do.”

In order to be eligible to receive a City Beautification Award, a business must be located inside the city limits of Gallatin. Nominations can be made based on a combination of elements including general maintenance, landscaping, building improvements, historical preservation and parking lot beautification.

“The goal of our beautification committee is to create more pleasing aesthetics throughout our community,” Brown added. “It is our hope that our businesses and other residents will look to these really beautiful facilities in our community and aspire to improve the aesthetics of their own.”

Nominations can be made online at or by calling the mayor’s office at 615-451-5961.

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