Wintery precipitation will remain throughout the state through Tuesday evening, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency announced Sunday night.

West and Middle Tennessee are expected to see the highest snowfall and ice accumulations.

The State Emergency Operations Center in Nashville is activated and staffed to monitor weather, road conditions, and address any life safety needs.

Freezing rain, sleet, and snow are expected to cause significant impacts to roadways.

Winter Storm Warnings are in affect for most West and Middle Tennessee counties. The storm system will create hazardous travel conditions and will likely cause power outages and tree damage due to significant ice accumulations.

COVID-19 vaccine Points of Distribution have been cancelled for Monday in West and Mid-Cumberland regions, as well as in Putnam County.

There are no reports of weather-related injuries or fatalities as of 11 p.m. Sunday night. At that time, there are approximately 3,000 customers without power statewide.

The forecast for the Nashville area is light, freezing rain will develop across the area. The far northwest area will have light snow and sleet into Monday with a low around 15 degrees.

TEMA advises to:

· Refrain from driving to keep available streets and roads clear for emergency personnel.

· Continue to monitor radio and television broadcasts for further weather information and instructions.

· Charge electronic devices in case of loss of power.

· If using a space heater, ensure at least 3 feet of distance surrounding the heater. Never plug space heaters into extension cords.

· Never use a generator indoors or in an attached garage. Do not plug generators into your home’s electrical wiring.