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For several weeks, my colleagues and I have been examining ways to address historic revenue shortfalls caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, while at the same time, balancing our state budget and continuing to effectively address the needs of Tennesseans.

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The economic conditions of our state are certainly not where we expected when the calendar year began. Our state had the potential to do some great things this year for public education and for our students. Unfortunately, our state was hit by a global pandemic. A literacy initiative was well on its way through the legislature that could have made a difference for children. I am truly disappointed for our students.

Our community and our world are experiencing a number of feelings as a result of recent events and the memory of historical racial tension. What is happening emotionally and how do we cope? This guide explains the trigger, the trauma and the stages of grief from a psychological perspective. 

Last week I wrote of how we found our lost dog, Patsy, after she had been missing for eight days. We caught up with her on Highway 141 S near the community of Centerville north of Lebanon.

As our country grapples with COVID-19, another widespread public healthcare crisis grows unabated:  the poor state of men’s health in America. The statistics are as stunningly clear as the COVID-19 graphs displayed daily on television – U.S. men die an average of five years younger than wome…

We have two “farm”’ dogs in our operation. Both are Australian Shepherds. The male is named “Quick.” (We call him “Quick Dog.”)

Mowing or bushhogging can be devastating to many Tennessee wildlife species that nest in fields at this time of year, which include white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail, cottontail rabbits, wild turkey and ground-nesting songbirds such as eastern meadowlark.

Recently, my colleagues and I returned to Nashville to resume committee meetings and begin the process of completing our calendars for the year. Thanks to the hard work of the staff inside the Cordell Hull Building and House chamber, we have implemented logical precautions in accordance with the Tennessee Pledge to preserve the health and safety of all who have entered our facility and the Capitol — including members of the general public.

The reaction to George Floyd’s murder is nauseating. I’m talking about the riots.

Editor’s Note: This is a column by Michael Zinser (“Z”) about wine (“The Grape”). The Zinser family owns and operates The Copper Still Wine & Spirits in Gallatin. If you are new to the world of wine and spirits, roaming the aisles in search of the perfect bottle can be daunting. With thi…

My dad was a cane-pole fisherman. We didn’t get to go much when my brothers and I were little because he was working two jobs, but sometimes on a Sunday afternoon we’d get in the Rambler and ride out to a pond or a creek somewhere.

I’ve been getting this call frequently.  It’s a pre-recorded, automated message that indicates my car’s warranty is about to expire and that I need to renew it.  It will seem urgent and asks you to press 1 to be connected.

The weather pattern across middle Tennessee will continue to be rather unsettled through the remainder of May and the first few days of June at least, as we have lots of gulf moisture coming into the state. 

As healthcare providers, patient wellbeing is our chief concern every day of the year.  Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, part of how we kept our community safe was limiting elective and non-urgent procedures at Sumner Regional Medical Center.  

Gov. Lee’s Safer at Home Executive Order officially expired at the end of April, and close contact businesses, gyms, restaurants, as well as retail entities across Tennessee have officially begun opening back up with an emphasis on safety. Hospitals have also resumed elective surgical procedures and dental offices are seeing patients again. 

Treating infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), is not new to hospitals, and the guidelines for protecting patients, staff and visitors are comprehensive and evidence-based. You hear often that COVID-19 patients are treated in isolation, and while specific elements …

We have all probably made the statement recently when someone is testing their limits, “we can’t go to the hospital right now.”  I said this recently when I came home to find a gas scooter that my husband and neighbor thought would be a great idea to fix up and give to my nine-year-old son.  

I’m not quite sure from where the motivation came, but, years ago, one of my goals when I began to seriously make the professional speaking circuit was to make a speech in each of the 50 United States. 

In an effort to uphold the Open Meetings Act, the Tennessee Coalition for Open Government has joined news media organizations, journalists and press associations in filing an open meetings lawsuit against the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance. (Main Street Media of Tennessee, publisher …

Being a mother of eight in 2020 is something that sets me apart from my peers. I am asked advice as someone who has, “been there and done that” on almost every parenting issue. We can safely say that 2020 has afforded the world with issues that no one has “been there, done that.”