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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month which offers a time to highlight the necessity of learning and talking about suicide prevention. National Suicide Prevention Week is Sept. 6 – 12 and World Suicide Prevention Day is Sept. 10. 

Low morale is permeating police departments across our nation as protesters repeatedly vilify, demonize, and verbally attack the thin blue line.

I’m not quite sure when the word “stress” became so prominent in the modern vocabulary.

For several weeks, we have seen chaos reign supreme in leftist cities and states across our nation. Whether it’s the unrest in Portland that has lasted more than 90 days, autonomous zones in Seattle, or the destruction of monuments and defacement of memorials in our nation’s capital, we have reached a pivotal point in our history.

Just wondering why the county can spend $500,000 on restoring the Comer Barn on Nashville Pike and can’t spend a few hundred dollars to upgrade its public address system for county commission and building commission meetings in the Administration Building.

So tickled to read article on Randy (Moonpie), Moore! Not only was he associated with Gallatin football, I don’t remember a basketball or baseball game he wasn’t there cheering us on!

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The new Behavioral Health Safety Net (BHSN) for Children in Tennessee, which will provide mental health services to children, began Sept. 1. Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System’s (VBH) Cumberland Mental Health is slated to be a local provider for the program.

Recently, my colleagues and I returned to Nashville for an extraordinary session of the 111th Tennessee General Assembly — the 61st special session in the history of this great state. One of the issues we worked to address was to clarify standards for holding a person or entity liable for loss, damage, injury, or death as part of a lawsuit related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

It is time to plan now how we are going to vote in the Nov. 3 election. The state of Tennessee unfortunately does not grant us all options available in most other states. We still need a reason to vote by mail and we have no drop boxes to deposit absentee ballots.

Rep. William Lamberth’s commentary in the pages of this newspaper regularly extols family values. One of the fundamental values in my family (Republican voters for generations) is personal character.

Last week I wrote of my relative inexperience in the horse business. Actually, I have only been “around” horses on any kind of consistent basis for the past 10 or so years.

Since the onset of COVID-19, many of us have probably focused more intently on our health than ever before – paying close attention to how we are feeling, staying alert to any signs that we might not be well and doing what we can to stay healthy. While a pandemic is certainly a bad thing, be…

Uncertainty seems to be the only thing we can be certain of today, which is a theory put forth by French theologian, writer, and mathematician Blaise Pascal. Yet it was Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian general and military theorist, who proposed “our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” Whether fascinating or not, we know that despite all the changes we have already faced because of this global pandemic, more change is also likely heading our way.

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One of the things I have noticed since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and with the ongoing urban demonstrations and rioting in our land is an increasing absence of joy among our people.

I heard and read a while back with both disdain and amazement that some of our major cities have outlawed a number of kid’s games because of safety risks. 

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My friend, Bonnie Edwards, invited us to high tea recently at the Hermitage Hotel, where suffragists had headquarters in August of 1920 when they persuaded Tennessee legislators to ratify the U.S. Constitution so women could vote.

The Aug. 6 primaries are here, and already, we have seen a substantial increase in voter turnout in communities across our state. In fact, through the first 10 days of the early voting period, 383,129 Tennesseans have exercised their constitutional right to vote — an increase of more than 21…

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I doubt that Middle Tennessee collectively has ever experienced a range of emotions like those we’ve encountered in recent months.  As a local organization that’s very closely connected to those we serve, our bank hasn’t been through anything like it, at least in my time here. But even more …

My mother passed away nine years ago and every year on this day of saying goodbye to her, I spend a lot of time reflecting on her and the life she gave me. Spoiler alert: She was amazing. In many ways, but one incident in particular stands out.