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Are you losing your passion for what you do? Do you not have the energy at work like you used to? Do you find yourself irritable with clients, patients, friends, or co-workers? Do you sit in your car debating if you want to go into work or in the house?

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During the 2019 legislative session, my colleagues and I focused on improving safety for our citizens, while also supporting our law enforcement officials and victims of crime. Together, we strengthened laws related to child and elderly abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and danger…

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The Felony Lane Gang (FLG) is a national organization whose purpose is to steal your personal information then use it to their advantage.  Whereas most worry about losing their personal financial information online these days, the FLG gets it the old fashioned way, they steal it from your car.

I am so proud of my hometown of Gallatin. We know summertime is here when the beautiful petunias in the hanging baskets appear, made even more special as they were prepared by our high school FFA students under the eye of our own Flower Lady, Alecia Welbern.

We’ve all heard the saying about real estate: Location, Location, Location! While that still holds true, today’s businesses feel the need for technology is just as important.

Ending the practice of hospitals and providers sending surprise medical bills to patients is a perfect example of how Congress and President Trump can work together to reduce out of pocket health care costs for Americans.

“Does your dog bite?” asks Inspector Clouseau of the hotel clerk, upon seeing a dog at the clerk’s feet. “No,” the clerk responds. Clouseau bends over to pet the dog, which quickly barks and bites Clouseau in the hand. “I thought you said your dog doesn't bite!” he remarks angrily. Replies t…

We are watching this current property assessment process. We actually thought it strange that John Isbell (property assessor) had the town halls prior to the release of the new assessment.

The month of May since 1949 has been recognized annually as Mental Health Awareness Month in an effort to help make the public better aware of the many issues associated with mental illness.

Throughout the 2019 legislative session, there was strong debate between Republicans and Democrats over several key items up for discussion on the House floor.  

This series of columns covers some of the dog laws in Tennessee. Since most dogs don’t read well, these columns are for dog owners – and their neigh­bors.

Parents often struggle with understanding why their teens appear angry.  Anger is defined as a strong sense of displeasure. We experience anger when things do not go the way we want or when something feels unfair. You may ask, “What does my teen have to be displeased about?” 

Have you ever placed your child in their car seat and wondered if it was secure enough or have you installed it correctly? As an expecting parent are you overwhelmed with the hundreds of options available for infant car seats? Each year thousands of children are injured or killed in motor ve…

Did you know the county executive’s office chose to publish a politicized editorial about the property reappraisal process with misinformation on a taxpayer funded website?

Each day, new companies come to our community and to Tennessee because of the fiscally responsible decisions Republican leaders continue to make. Currently, our state has the lowest debt and lowest taxes of any in the entire nation, as well as a AAA bond rating.