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A few weeks ago, Main Street Media published a column by Joe Dubin, “It was worth every second” that was an homage to those high school senior football players who, throughout the month of November, would be playing their final games and taking off their pads for the last time.

Thanksgiving Day is almost here – a time to stop and reflect on the past year, and years - a time once again to recount our blessings. This year it seems like the holidays have come faster than usual. (Personally, I wish things would slow down a bit.)

As a former regular Black Friday shopper, I can certainly understand the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes from the seemingly great deals and early morning hours. However, there’s a whole other set of feelings and rewards that come from shopping small!

What are you thankful for this year? As I was recently unpacking holiday décor, I came across handmade turkey crafts from years gone by. Sweet early handwritten words like “toys,” “daddy,” “Ms. Kim,” “Tetzy the fox,” and “my bike” filled the colorful paper feathers.

Some in our country are simply not satisfied with one act of destruction, they strive to destroy whatever, and whenever, the opportunity presents itself. It is a political game of chicken we are playing, and many believe parts of society are headed toward destruction.

From the moment my daughter came into this world, my mother would always talk about that day I would walk her down the aisle. My mom adored her little girl but as life would have it, my mother passed away and never got to see the moment she so vividly talked about.

A few weeks back I wrote of my wife. Kathy, and me recently visiting one of our favorite southern cities, Savannah, Ga. Savannah is so rich in American history. Each time I visit I make new discoveries of its riches.

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Four years ago, an investigative journalist in Nashville examined the cash grants and tax breaks given to companies as part of the state’s economic development deals to create jobs.

It is hard to believe that the high school football regular season has come to a close. The playoffs are next and that means half of the teams are not advancing and their season is over.

What makes Gallatin so magical? The historic features, the nicest people in America, and our deep ties to tradition – whether it be Friday night football or how we celebrate the holidays – all come to mind. Christmas is a time for family, celebrations, and quite often, traditions. Gallatin’s…

On a ranch just north of the US-Mexico border in Falfurrias, Texas, local property owner Richard walked me past destroyed fences and piles of garbage left behind by swaths of illegal immigrant trespassers. Frustrated with the White House, he asked, “Where in the hell is Kamala?” 

When I arrived at The University of Tennessee in the fall of 1970, I found myself being at loose ends somewhat. I had made a last-minute decision to transfer from Tennessee Tech to UT in late summer, (I will spare you the details as to why.) which left me missing some enrollment deadlines.