I have some big news to bring you this week. We have the coldest weather of the winter thus far coming early next week.

As a meteorologist in Tennessee during the winter, there is one thing you watch out for, bitter cold Arctic air that moves in and stays a couple of days like we think this will.

What often happens is low pressure will form to the West and bring moisture to collide with the cold air and set the stage for bad winter weather and I'm just letting you know that heavier snow or ice may be a possibility early to mid-next week so keep up with forecasts. 

Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 a.m. on March 13 so we are just a little over a month away. That extra hour of daylight in the evening will be wonderful in my opinion!  

Spring begins officially one week later on March 20. If you have any weather questions or need weather data, you can reach me anytime at

Steve Norris obtained his first job in radio doing the weather as a senior in high school. As well as writing articles for newspapers, he provides severe weather information to county governments and Emergency Management and also does live hourly weather reports for radio stations. He has received multiple awards for his coverage of severe weather in middle Tennessee - both tornadoes and ice storms.

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