Lois Jordan Crop as Needed


The reaction to George Floyd’s murder is nauseating. I’m talking about the riots.


Rioters who take advantage of peaceful and more thoughtful demonstrators should be showing how powerful they are with their vote at election polls.


The deadlines to register to vote are: July 7 for the Aug. 6 primaries and local elections; and Oct. 5 for federal elections — President, senators and congressmen.


Burning buildings and destroying property is always bad, but rioters have also been burning what black folks built. It doesn’t make sense. Many other destroyed buildings are where minorities work. Now, what are they going to do?


Martin Luther King would be spinning in his grave if he knew how they are reacting.


If we can’t come together, we’ll fall apart. I don’t think George Floyd would want them to demonstrate in that style.

It does seem that the system is not listening. However, some of our leaders are.


I hope that George Floyd’s murder will make government departments more conscientious as related to black lives. There’s evidence of that already.


One peace officer spoke with a demonstrator. The officer removed his mask and they prayed together. Everybody around them was quiet.


Hendersonville Police officers and Sumner County Sheriffs’ deputies appear to have been doing a good job. When I see them, I compliment them on the service they provide.


One of the reasons for these demonstrations is that minorities feel like they’ve been silenced but not murdered in similar situations. This has been going on for many, many, many years.


This is worse than the Civil War. This is an historic pain. We need hope. We need peace. We need prayer. We need moral, political leadership.


Radicals have gotten involved and the legal right to peaceably assemble is being abused as a cover for radicals. Peaceful demonstrations are welcome. The radicals need to go and sit down.


Where is all this going? I fear for us.



Dr. Jordan welcomes comments to dr.loisjordan@comcast.net. Her doctorate is in education. She's taught in middle and high schools and on the college level. Shes the first woman elected to the Metropolitan Council of Nashville and is a political strategist. Dr. Jordan has lived in Hendersonville for more than 20 years and refers to it as “God’s country.”


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