John Miller

John Miller

The proposed county taking of private land to add to the greenway is an abuse of eminent domain.

Eminent Domain was established so the government could obtain land needed for the common good and safety of the people - roads, public buildings, schools and more recently, acquiring blighted areas. A walking path is far from the intended use of eminent domain.

Sumner County has parks, miles of existing Greenway and new developments all have sidewalks.

One should not have a problem finding a safe place to walk. Any county commissioner voting for this needs to be removed from office. Between this land grab and the pending 37 percent tax increase, you have to wonder if Sumner County is poised to have the next Boston Tea Party.

 If our elected representatives vote for that tax increase, it can be considered taxation without representation. The public does not want a tax increase. We fought a war over the behaviors of this county commission. The elected representatives need to remember that the taxpayers pay their salary and that they work FOR the taxpayers. They are public servants.

John Miller is a Gallatin resident.

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