Scattered showers and a few thundershowers are expected for Middle Tennessee on Tuesday as a cold front passes through. Partly cloudy and cooler will return for Wednesday through Friday with high temperatures only in the 60s and low temperatures dropping to near 40 degrees. 

From Oct. 19-23, we can expect to get back into the 70s with the chance of rain increasing during that time. Our first freeze of the season is not in sight yet, but once we get to mid-October we have to be on guard for the freezing temperatures.

In 1948, temperatures dropped below freezing on three straight mornings from Oct. 17-19 and dropped as low as the upper 20s. 

A record blizzard just hit North Dakota and it is just a matter of time until the jet stream drops southward and allows that colder air into Tennessee. Every day I scan the upper air charts and wonder when I'm going to see that jet stream moving southward.

November can sure bring some extremes to the Volunteer State; in past years we have seen anything from heavy snow to tornado outbreaks. We are getting into the time of year when we see the battle of air masses with the cold trying to push out the warm air. 

This can be a very interesting season and as a forecaster you really have to keep on your toes and be prepared for anything when these fronts move into our area. 

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. You may contact him at with questions or suggest topics for his column.

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