The weather pattern across middle Tennessee will continue to be rather unsettled through the remainder of May and the first few days of June at least, as we have lots of gulf moisture coming into the state. 

We’ll have at least a 40 percent chance on most afternoons and sometimes even higher for showers and pop-up thunderstorms. 

These type of thunderstorms in this very warm and humid air mass produce heavy downpours in a short period of time and cloud to ground lightning.  

High temperatures will be above 80 degrees on most days but it will be very humid. Here is something you may not be aware of - the National Weather Service in Nashville offers online basic and advanced storm spotter classes that you can take from your home computer and most of these only take an hour or two at the most and they are very interesting. 

If you want to sign up for one of the classes go to

Steve Norris obtained his first job in radio doing the weather as a senior in high school. As well as writing articles for newspapers, he provides severe weather information to county governments and Emergency Management and also does live hourly weather reports for radio stations. He has received multiple awards for his coverage of severe weather in middle Tennessee - both tornadoes and ice storms.

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