Technology, Technology, Technology

We’ve all heard the saying about real estate: Location, Location, Location! While that still holds true, today’s businesses feel the need for technology is just as important.

As Gallatin grows, so does the demand for a stronger tech workforce. I’ve heard from many business owners and plant managers, from small offices to larger employers that it is hard to find programmers, systems operators, and cyber security experts. That is why the Gallatin Economic Development Agency, Vol State and the Greater Nashville Technology Council are collaborating to bring Apprenti TN to Gallatin.

Based on a program that was developed by Microsoft and Amazon to discover and train people with an aptitude and desire for a tech job, the Apprenti TN program has the ability to deliver new talent in a compressed timeline, or help you bring new skills to a current employee. 

Apprenti TN is open to any adult. No tech experience is required. No previous college credit is required. Candidates take an aptitude assessment. If they score within a certain range, they are eligible for the apprenticeship. Companies may either choose candidates from the list of eligible candidates, or put a current employee through the program as long as they score in the appropriate range on the aptitude assessment.

People that make the commitment will find themselves emerging from an intensive 12 to 17 week, 40 hours per week program with skills and abilities that are in huge demand. A quick on-line search shows that as of May 20 of this year, Glassdoor had 867 openings, while Linkedin shows more than 1,000 available positions in technology - just in the Nashville area. 

The demand for a skilled IT workforce is expected to multiply exponentially over the next decade. As this demand continues to grow, competition for skilled workers will increase. The Apprenti TN program is designed to help all Gallatin businesses build the workforce they need, instead of trying to attract workers to the area.  

Please join us Friday, May 31, at 8:30 a.m. in the American Job Center, 1598 GreenLea Boulevard where we will map out the details on how you can fulfill your need for tech talent. We’re planning to provide breakfast, so we ask that you RSVP to by close of business on May 29.

James Fenton is the director of the Gallatin Economic Development Agency.

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