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Bill Hagerty is a Gallatin native and a candidate for the U.S. Senate. He also served as Ambassador to Japan, which means he has a valuable perspective on how we should maintain relations with our allies around the world. 

I’m a real estate agent based here in Gallatin. I assist buyers and sellers throughout Middle Tennessee, but I consider Gallatin my home. I’ve been following The Meadows project with interest, but not for the reason you might think. 

John Rose is the Congressman from the 6th District, which includes Sumner County. He has served in statewide positions of respect as both Commissioner of Agriculture and since 2010, chair of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee State Fair Association. 

I sit on my porch every morning enjoying my coffee and every morning I watch speeding car rushing to their destinations, with only one focus. The focus is not necessarily safety for others, the strip is short, but allows enough distance to gain speed.  

After I read Tena Lee's front page article in the Sept. 19 issue of the Gallatin News about the coming court hearing regarding condemnation of property needed for the proposed sewer line for the Liberty Creek School complex, I was convinced that more research should have been done to seek an…

In response to Mr. Reams’ letter to the editor in support of the proposed Meadows development, (he) states, “Some of the opposition is coming from people who don’t live anywhere near the proposed development.”

Some of the opposition to The Meadows is coming from people who don’t live anywhere near the proposed development. Some of it is coming from people who live closer.

Whenever something bad happens such as gun violence, the cry goes out for the government to do something.  The truth is people always look in all the wrong places for answers. Many people will say it's "the system."

The preliminary master development plan for The Meadows was presented at the recent Planning Commission meeting. During the presentation, the engineers who designed the project spent most of their time talking about what they propose doing with this property.

The news media seems to always report racial division amongst the American people. It appears to be instigated by anti-America groups whose agenda is to tear apart this nation.

With all the discussion and major decisions being made concerning the outcome of Gallatin’s historic Randy’s Record Shop, it is my sincere hope that the building can be repaired and continue to be recognized as the world-wide landmark that it is!

We currently have two very important issues in Sumner County. We are all aware that we recently had our property reappraised. Once our property assessor submits the “revenue neutral” tax rate, our elected county commissioners will vote on the new certified tax rate (CTR).