Family member unhappy with court decision

On Nov. 7, I witnessed Judge David Howard place my great-grandbaby in the 

custody of his mother despite the fact that the mother had just been released from jail six days earlier, had no permanent address, permanent employment or plan for child care for the baby while working.

The mother went to jail when the baby was 2-weeks-old.  The baby has been living with his aunt.  He could not live with his grandmother or another person in the family because all tested positive for cocaine. The grandmother was present in the courtroom for a separate drug related case.

The Department of Child Services and the child's court appointed advocate both testified that the baby should remain with the aunt.

I found it most unusual that the judge did not ask any questions about how the child would be taken care of. This is a 7-month-old baby that has been taken away from the only home he has ever known. A home where he was safe, loved, and taken excellent care of. 

This is a most distressing situation where I do not believe the best interest of the child was taken into consideration.

S. Gwynn Persley,



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