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I’m a real estate agent based here in Gallatin. I assist buyers and sellers throughout Middle Tennessee, but I consider Gallatin my home. I’ve been following The Meadows project with interest, but not for the reason you might think. 

Some of my clients are first-time homebuyers. They’re people who want to own their own home. They want their piece of the American dream, but it needs to be at the size they want and in a price range they can afford.

When it comes to the availability of newer single-family homes sized priced for first-time buyers, Gallatin falls short. Other than a few condos, there’s virtually nothing available.

If you’re not concerned about this, you should be, especially if you are hoping that your grown children or grandchildren will someday be able to live near you. Will they end up being priced out of Gallatin? They will be if builders continue to ignore the needs of this market.

Which brings me back to The Meadows. I believe that this project deserves our support. Why? Because, out of all the development proposals I’ve seen recently, The Meadows has the best chance of including attractive housing options where our kids will want to live—and that they might actually be able to afford. 

We won’t know the price points of those homes will be until construction begins. However, the fact that the developers of The Meadows are considering the needs of first-time buyers in their plans is encouraging to me. Thanks to their foresight, our kids and grandkids just might be able to come home to Gallatin to live if that’s what they want to do. 

Cindi Malone, 


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