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Some years ago, Gallatin Parks and Recreation and the citizens of Gallatin were engaged with an outside firm to erect a play tower across from the Civic Center building.

The facility was erected by many volunteers from the area to assist in the construction. It included among other things a slide, tower, swings, rope walk, etc. Pave stones were sold by contributors.

I was one of the construction volunteers. We were provided free luncheons.

My five grandchildren loved going and playing at the tower - one of the activities they really looked forward to.

Due to obvious lack of funding by the City and the Department of Parks and Recreation, the wonderful facility was not properly maintained and refurbished as needed and it fell into disrepair and was demolished.

What a shame. We volunteers put personal expectations of a long and delightful facility for the community.

It is my wish that the Miracle Park will not experience the same fate and that the City, and particularly the Department of Parks and Recreation will step up and take the necessary responsibility so that the Miracle Park does not suffer the same fate.

Laurence (Larry) Peake


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