Renters do contribute to property tax base

Diana Stafford's letter of April 26, "Resident says it’s not fair to keep taxing property owners" correctly points out that property taxes are not fair, but she's mistaken that people who live here but don't own property - I guess she means renters - don't help "foot the bill."

Apartment houses and such pay property taxes out of the rent they collect. Tennessee has hamstrung itself by rejecting the idea of an income tax, so state and local governments have few good choices.

Other than property tax, we have the sales tax, which is highly regressive (poor and working class folks pay a higher percentage of their income than higher income earners).

Sumner County used wheel taxes for a while, which were unpopular. Many towns have separate taxes for things like schools, on top of property, sales and other taxes. And some states have personal property taxes on cars, boats and so on. Take your pick!

Bill Hudgins,


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