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I sit on my porch every morning enjoying my coffee and every morning I watch speeding car rushing to their destinations, with only one focus. The focus is not necessarily safety for others, the strip is short, but allows enough distance to gain speed.  

Between the crossroads of Airport Road, Hartsville Pike and the hospital is a hot spot, but also a residential area.

This morning I witnessed my neighbor’s grandchildren waiting for the bus with speeding cars drive by. As the bus drew closer, the grandfather walked out to ensure the kids safe arrival.

The bus stopped, but that was all - the speeding cars blew past the clearly marked yellow bus with flashing lights. You could tell the gentleman was concerned for his grandchildren’s well-being and motioned for the drivers to slow down, but hoping they would stop. 

I have a feeling we have forgotten the rules of the road; the concern of others safety has been lost.

It is a struggle at times to pull out of our driveway; each morning as my son and I leave, I hope and pray others value our safety.

Crissy Purcell,


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