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I want to congratulate you folks for pulling off the biggest scam ever on the people of Sumner County. To disguise a 17 percent tax increase as "teacher raises" and "retroactive inflation adjustment" was brilliant.

I only wish the people of Sumner County realized what you were doing when Commissioner Taylor proposed a $0.05 increase over the CTR to be used only for teacher raises and it was voted down 24-0.

It is too bad that Mr. Taylor didn't stand up and say "So then, this really isn't about teacher raises" and exposed the sham for what it was....a tax increase to increase the debt capacity in order to borrow $112 million to build a new Justice Center.

It is too bad the teachers didn't realize they were just pawns on the chessboard. The only good was they came out of this with a much needed and deserved raise.

I hope every commissioner that is an employer went to work this morning and gave every employee a "retroactive inflation adjustment" today. If you didn't I would ask you "Why not?"

I would hope every commissioner that is an employee asked their boss this morning for a "retroactive inflation adjustment." If you didn't, I would ask you "Why not?"

In case you forgot, one in 10 people in Sumner County live under the poverty level. Many are retired, many handicapped and many on disability. But no one cared about them last night or you would have found money for the teachers with no or only a $0.05 tax rate increase.

I'm going to find every person in Sumner County that this tax increase will force from their home or that will have to choose between paying taxes and buying medication. And I will publish their story for everyone to read. And rest assured a picture of their county commissioners will accompany every story.

I appreciate your service and the decisions you need to make. I can say that the citizens of Sumner County will be much more prepared when you come asking for a tax increase to fund a new jail in a couple years after no more pods can be placed.

John Miller,


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